daniel heggarty sculpture
The sculpture of Daniel Heggarty has evolved throughout a lifetime of experiences, creating works of tension and friction, rhythm and gravity, interval and flux. 

“I grew up in a motorcycle shop where the world of the mechanical constantly swirled around me.  I could feel all the different finishes whether they be painted, brushed, primered, cold steel or aluminum, I took it all in, these objects, how they all fit and went together.  Rolling down the street, balancing, leaning, spinning, twirling, moving, swinging, ride-able pendulums.  It was there that I initially began to see the appearance of spontaneity in an object.”

Born in St. Louis, Daniel began metal sculpture in 2003 while earning a degree in English.  However  he continued his art education while working at the City Museum for sculptor Bob Cassilly, learning technique, honing skills, and flexing his proficiency in different mediums. 

His inspiration comes from the desire to capture movement in space, the gesture of motion, the harnessing of inertia.  To rearrange the perception of weight and material through deep and considered application of form, Daniel’s sculptures contain a dichotomy of transitory permanence of ‘light steel’; a balancing act of what is believed to be weighted and unyielding.